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Event Fundraising

There are a number of ways that I can help you raise more money from events. I can:


  • Review your current portfolio, identify gaps and opportunities, and clarify priorities


  • Go through what you do with a critical eye – fine-tuning here, tweaking there - to make an immediate and positive impact on income


  • Run a Planning or Brainstorming Events Workshop


  • Help you fine-tune your Marketing and Operational Plans – or write them for you from scratch if you are under-resourced or just need some fresh thinking


  • Help develop short- and long-term strategies for raising money from events


  • Mentor your fundraisers – I can coach, teach, nudge and help them achieve success – or simply be a sounding board


  • Review the market for a particular type of event or undertake a Feasibility Study for something new


  • Help you develop a bespoke Mass Participation Event

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